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How do our fees work?
How do our fees work?

For Developers and Advisors. This explains how our project fees are structured

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Once you have submitted a project to us and our specialist review team has accepted your proposal (project, SPV, portfolio, company etc. hereby project), we will send the project side (developer or advisor) an agency services agreement that details the fees.

How are the fees calculated?

We have a success fee model and don’t require exclusivity. This means that developers only pay PF Nexus if the project closes via a PF Nexus introduction and can use our network to supplement internal outreach. Therefore, developers have no upfront costs and 0% risk to using PF Nexus’ platform to source capital.

We use a waterfall fee structure to calculating the project fee which typically is a fraction of that charged by a full advisory fee.

Each fee calculation is bespoke to a project. This is simply because of the wide range of projects we have, from early-stage seeking $0.5 million to operational and $1.2 billion.

How do the fees compare?

When compared to a typical full-service advisory service our fees represent a small fraction of a typical advisory fee. There are firms that ask for holding fees at £50k on top of 3-4% transaction fees.

Furthermore, our network enables us to provide many more quality matches without any upfront fees. One developer saw “400% more NBOs from investors from PF Nexus”.

Any other project fees questions?

Our support team is here to help. You can contact them at or via the chat interface in the bottom right of the window, to speak to them and start your project listing today!

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