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How to submit your project or opportunity raise: a step-by-step guide
How to submit your project or opportunity raise: a step-by-step guide

For Developers and Advisors. If you are seeking investors, lenders or buyers then this article will help you submit your proposal.

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How many investors do you have?

Before you start, it is worth using our quick search tool to see how many of our 2,000 global investors, lenders and buyers are looking for deal flow similar to yours.

By inputting details on your project’s (1) project technology type, (2) country, (3) build stage and (4) ticket size (US$) allows you to discover your relevant audience. This guide will take you through all the steps needed to create a listing for your project.

Where can I submit my proposal?

Find the green button with ‘+SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT’’ on the top right of the platform. This takes you to our proposal form.

I have a project portfolio, can I only submit 1 project at a time?

We cater to everything from projects and portfolios to investment partnerships. You can submit proposals either:

  1. at a higher level (company pipeline, country portfolio etc.) or

  2. multiple submissions - one for each individual project or SPV

Capital raises include debt, equity and/or acquisition for an asset sale, a project finance deal, a company investment, refinancing or any other transaction.

The choice is yours depending on whether you are seeking a single partner for all, or individual transaction partners for each one.

What information does the form need?

Firstly, you will need to sign up or into your PF Nexus account. The submission form is split into 3 sections: summary, financial details and electricity production.

(1) Summary (mandatory)

This is for the basic information such as opportunity title, description, location, build-stage, energy type and your role in the opportunity. The description has a max of 580 characters. Remember to press the next button.

(2) Financial details (mandatory)

This is for capital information such as whether you are seeking buyers, lenders or investors. You can select up to 2. Then we ask for the ticket size in US$, with our investors having a scope of $0.5 million - $1.2 billion. On top of this, we ask if there are:

  1. a financial model is available

  2. scope to introduce advisors

  3. scope to being sold

  4. planning permission if early / RTB

Remember to press the next button.

(3) Electricity production (optional)

This section is optional but may increase the quality of responses if completed. Here we are looking for generation capacity, annual electricity production (predicted) and details of PPA. Remember to press the next button.

How do I submit the form?

Once the progress circle on the right reaches 100%, the form is completed. The final part is to submit your project using the ‘Submit for approval’ green button at the bottom of the form.

How long does the form take?

We are only looking for a micro-teaser from developers which means it will be under 5 mins. Below is an example of a project that has been submitted by a developer and available to read by investors.

What happens after I submit my project?

There is a 5 step process between submitting projects and hearing from investors:

  1. Project reviewed by PF Nexus

  2. Opportunity owner signs agreement with PF Nexus

  3. Opportunity is live on the marketplace

  4. Matches are sent to investors

  5. Investors request introduction

(1) Project reviewed by PF Nexus

Once submitted, your project will be reviewed by our specialist review team in typically under 72 hours. They may request additional information, such as a teaser, to carry out due diligence, clarify opportunity details and ensure the opportunity is investor-ready.

(2) Opportunity owner signs with PF Nexus

Our agreement details the way in which we work, and our success-only fee structure. You can read here on how our fees are calculated.

(3) Opportunity is live on the marketplace

Once signed, your opportunity will go live on the PF Nexus platform.

(4) Matches are sent to investors

Our algorithm begins matching your opportunity’s details against our investor/lender user base. It will then begin to intelligently contact relevant investment parties using the world’s largest network of renewable energy investment professionals.

(5) Investors request introduction

Interested investors can request an introduction using the green button on the right-hand side of the page. PF Nexus will connect the investor with the opportunity owner through a warm email so you can manage introductions straight from your inbox.

If the project is not ready for introductions then we will collate any early interest in opportunities via our ‘pre-register interest’ system. These will become introductions when appropriate.

We ask you to keep us in the loop with progress on any introductions, and will schedule a check-in call to review progress 1 month after your project is live.

Make sure you can receive PF Nexus emails so you don't miss any important introductions.

Any other project form submission questions?

Our support team is here to help. You can contact them at or via the chat interface in the bottom right of the window, to speak to them and start increasing your deal flow today!

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